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$12.99. A320 Overhead constructions... A320 Pedestal . The purchase cost has been achieved by innovative modular construction and the use of replicated and service-cost free flight system modules. CAE 7000XR Series Full-Flight Simulator. Manufacturer: Flightdeck Solutions, Canada. Airbus A320 Simulator Our studies are going on fast. The London Training Center hosts a range of the latest innovative flight training technologies, including RealitySeven full flight simulators for A320, A330, and 737 variants, fixed-based simulators, and flat-panel trainers; briefing rooms and classrooms. I have been flying now for 8 years, spending 6 years on the A320. MwSt.) Matt & Andy are also the directors of FPV Training Ltd which provides training on full motion and fixed base simulators for multiple aircraft. Perfect for IFR and VFR training and experiences. FAA FFS Level D fidelity control loading and visual system, All Flight systems, including: Auto pilot, Auto throttle, Flight director. AddOn Flight Simulator X - A320/A321 Professional | DVD-ROM | Deutsch | 2018. Echte Piloten unterstützen Sie bei Ihren Starts und Landungen. The IOS has been engineered for ease of use. A320. [email protected] The PS4.5 is a fixed-base, fully enclosed Flight Training Device (FTD) with a large rear instructor box. Upon leaving the MPS Factory in the Netherlands, the MPS A320 FBS has been certified by the Dutch Aviation authority (Rijksluchtvaartdienst , RLD) under provisions JAR/EASA. 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Central, H.K. 179,90 € zzgl. The 200 degree field of view, the high resolution imagery and the very fast display reaction time give the pilot in training a simulation environment as close as possible to flying an A320 aircraft. Suite D, 6/F., Ho Lee Commercial Building, To provide an A320 training platform for all types of Aviation pilot training. Full-Flight Simulators. It has a performance data-pack from Airbus (Vital for training), full systems layout, iOS station and 220 degree visual system. This “Flagship” device is a full scale representation of the B787 Flightdeck. Zur Buchung. EUR 5,99 Versand. Educational. Manufacturer: Flightdeck Solutions, Canada. Our aim is to assist our customers in setting up and maintaining cost efficient operations whilst maintaining and improving quality. It is not just any other CBT or FMS trainer. Ein Flug im Erlebnis-Flugsimulator ist in Bremen, Berlin und Hamburg möglich. MPS develops, manufactures, installs and maintains type specific Fixed Base Simulators. Es gibt in Deutschland bereits zahlreiche dieser Simulatoren, vorwiegend werden hier Flugzeuge vom Typ Boeing 737 oder Airbus A320 nachgebildet. Im Frühjahr 2012 kam ich auf die Idee ein Flugzeug-Cockpit zu bauen. We have the expertise and knowledge to develop, distribute and provide aviation programmes, training and products. Link to: Airbus A320 PS4.5. Systems implementation with most used ECAM malfunctions available . Fixed Base FSTDs for Airline Pilot Training We offer A322 FNPT II + APS MCC, A320 EASA FTD level 1 / FAA level 4 FTD and complete flight simulation solutions for your specific training. In addition, the flight simulator flies just like the A320 since the control responses conform to algorithms licensed by Airbus and tested to the appropriate QTG. Entrol is a manufacturer of FNPT and FTD simulators since 2005, ... Fixed-wing FNPT and FTD simulators. FO side of the Panel A320 Desktop is now available in option ! The MPS Airbus A320 FTD has been developed to lower simulator cost for FTO’s Airlines and TRTO’S. We evaluate the risks and present solutions to challenges from all fields of aviation. Basic Principles for Realisation. Lower cost for A320 simulator purchase and operating costs. CAE provides the most innovative full-flight simulators (FFS), including the latest CAE 7000XR Series Level D FFS, improving training efficiency, offering advanced capabilities, and increasing operational efficiency. Echte Verkehrspiloten 210° Curved Full HD Projektion. 2018. Simulated Aircraft: Airbus A320. MPS is specialized in the B737 NG and B737 MAX, the A320 ceo and neo and generic jets. 76852. 200 degree X 40 degree collimated visuals – Advanced model, 200 degree X 40 degree visuals – Standard model, Full Airbus A320 Flight model – Original Airbus A320 Flight data package. Watch; Airbus A320 MCDU Forex Panel Flight Simulator Home Cockpit Saitek. Boeing 737-800 NG | Fixed-Base Flugsimulator. Für alle, die einen preisgünstigen Einstieg in die Welt des Fliegens suchen, ist er aber genau richtig. The IOS is touch screen operated. A320 Overhead Case . The only fixed based A320 flight simulator in UK with advanced ECAM actions, located near Gatwick airport. There is no need for specialized engineer training. All systems on the flight deck of the MPS A320 flight simulator are modular. VA Airline Training Flight Simulator Fleet Contact. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The IOS can also be operated from a tablet computer allowing for unique training situations where the instructor can take place next to student whilst still having full control over the simulator. Aviation Focus is based in Hong Kong and supports the sale of MPS simulators in Asia. A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator. We continuously add new models and expand our portfolio with training products to provide you with a total training solution. Replicating the Airbus A320 aircraft, exactly. We are always flying around the world to clients. A320 Airbus Fix Base Sim. Endet am Donnerstag, 18:12 MEZ 1T 22Std. Original Cockpit mit voller Funktionalität. The specifications of the collimated display go beyond the requirements for the highest level of FAA full flight simulator certifications; FAA FFS Level D. FAA FFS Level D Full flight simulator qualifications requires 150 degree field of view and a collimated display. The MPS A320 Simulators, both standard and advanced (MPS FTD-1 and MPS FTD-2) are equipped with and integrated instructor operating station. Login Register Cart Languages Home; Products - Products - View All; Used/Ex Demo; I.A.M.S. Airbus A320. We are happy to make a stop-over at your office for a chat about the possibilities. 2018. 150 degree projected parabolic visual display. Our Airbus A320 FTD’s are available in both CEO and NEO configuration to meet EASA FTD-1/FTD-2 and FAA FTD Level 4/5/6. A320 Fixed Base Training Device; Main Instrument Panel. Download Specification Sheet . Plug and Play directly with your FSX, Prepar3D V3 and Prepar3D V4 & 2 computers integrated in the MIP for avionics and instrumentation. EUR 59,95. Without TVs. 0 Gebote. It includes interactive aircraft systems, a built-in navigation database and an integrated malfunction tool that is similar to full flight Airbus simulators. FLIGHT SIMULATOR B737 A320. Panel A320 Desktop Captain with Overhead and Pedestal. Nutzung von fixed-base Flugsimulatoren. £168* per hour /£230 per hour An instructor is included in the price Our A320 is a fixed base simulator ideal for training up to type rating level. Have a look at the photos and videos in the Airbus A320 gallery to get a feel for the quality and accuracy of the cockpit's reproduction. All controls, switches actuators and displays are fully functional. The Advanced version of the MPS A320 simulator, the MPS FTD-2, is equipped with a collimated display with 200 X 40 degree field of view. Featured simulators for sale: €45,000. I got my command in 2017 and have around 5000 hours on type. Audio and crew intercom system. Flugsimulator A320 Airbus - USA Edition - PC CD-Rom - Nie benutzt. EASA / JAA certification: EASA FTD Level 1 and EASA FTD level 2. The pedestal case is now ready for sale when the work is finished... TUHAG Uzay ve Havacılık Geliştirme Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi. Fully enclosed FAA Level D Collimated Visual Display. Buttons and switches are almost identical to real airliners. PROFESSIONAL AFFORDABLE SIMULATORS FOR SALE. Aviation Focus For Pilots For Airlines About Partners Fees & Funding News Contact ... Airbus A320. The table below shows the differences between the A320 FTD-1 and the A320 FTD-2 flight simulators, and the EASA, ICAO and FAA certification that can be obtained with each. €45,000. The MPS Airbus A320 FTD has been developed to lower simulator cost for FTO’s Airlines and TRTO’S. oder Preisvorschlag. Size: c. 3.5m (width) x 2.1m (length) x 2.15m (height). VA Airline Training Limited. All moving flight controls on the A320 simulator are equipped with high precision control loading / force feedback. EASA FTD Level 2 / FAA FTD Level 6 Air Tractor AT-802 . MIP parts. $32.93. Integrating the Airbus Data Pack ensures that these simulators provide the most realistic training environment. Helicopter FNPT and FTD simulators. Fixed base Flight Training Device (FTD) using original Airbus cockpit shell and interior. The MotionSim1 series come in one basic configuration as pictured and include all the features required in a simulation device used for training in a flight school or aviation college. The A320 FBS allows the student / pilots to become accustomed to the working environment of the Airbus A320 at an early stage in training and progress to the final stage of Type Rating in a Full Flight Simulator with 100% continuity. Aircraft family : A320-200 (CEO) Cart 0. The FDS-A320-FBPT is a full scale representation of the aircraft’s Flightdeck layout and covers the various primary sections. Without TVs. Pedestal parts. The control loading on the flight controls has been mapped to a very high degree of accuracy, equal to or above the requirements of FAA Level D FFS Simulator certification. Alpha aviation group Fixed based sim in the Philippines.Quick clip Airbus A320 PS4.5 . Advanced Software. © 2018 by iPILOT Group                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ws@schleuter.biz. I got my command in 2017 and have around 5000 hours on type. Brand New. ShowRoom; Full Motion; News; Contacts - Contacts - Headquarters - About Us - Support; Live; Forum; Training Area; Menu. The purchase cost has been achieved by innovative modular construction and the use of replicated and service-cost free flight system modules. These devices are designed specifically to replace all the older fixed base simulators, with the next generation cutting edge training device. Glare parts. Based at our Cambridge Airport Training Centre. Condition: Used, very good. The MPS A320 FTD has been developed with two objectives: Key features of the MPS A320 FBS Flight simulator: Exact A320 cockpit / flight deck reproduction. Ich habe mich für den Airbus entschieden da er in Europa erzeugt wird und die Systeme wie Steuerung (Sidestick), Overhead (Nur Taster und Schalter) leichter nachzubauen sind. Captain side glarewing; Captain side EFIS; A320 FCU; F/O side EFIS; F/O side glarewing; A320 full glare; Pedestal. 2018. 25.000 Destinationen . The Dutch-based company is a subsidiary to the 2014 established concern in China. Specific own developed A320 Simulator Software implementing aircraft systems and functionality. The FDS-B787-FBPT is Flightdeck Solutions newest offering. Airbus A320 Neo Fixed base Simulator; Diamond DA 40/42 Fixed base Simulator; Company Description . Full A320 Cockpit / flight deck – exact replica of the original A320 flight deck. Boeing 737NG. Based at our Cambridge Airport Training Centre. Experience fixed based 1:1 A320 Flight Deck, including Instrument Panel, Flight Control Unit(FCU) and Multipurpose Control Display Unit(MCDU). A380 Fixed-Base-Flugsimulator A380 Fixed-Base-Flugsimulator. 49550. Everything is provided by pilots; the only people who know the profession and most importantly how it feels to go through the airline recruitment process. MPL Multi-crew pilot license: The MPL Pilot license is a relatively new pilot licensing system developed specifically to train pilots the skills required of an airline pilot with a strong focus on multi crew operations. simulator, based on many years of development and testing by active Airbus pilots. Further description: Fully functioning cockpit built one to one with the A320, three PC set-up, 3 x LCD TVs. We advise on the best equipment and training courses tailored to customer requirements. We manufacture and sell professional b737, a320, general aviation and helicopter flight simulator components and complete systems for home, training, schools. Save up to 15% when you buy more . Versand (inkl. This means that any engineer can replace any module on the flight deck. Er dauert 60 Minuten und kostet ab 99 Euro. MIP panels; Autobrake panel; Landing gear; Brake gauge (Triple gauge) A320 Clock; ISIS; DDRMI; Captain TERR on ND; Display Control Unit (DCU) Glare section. Lieferung an Abholstation . The MPS A320 FTD is a full cockpit / fully enclosed A320 flight simulator up to FAA Level 5/6, EASA FTD Level 1/2 with full control loading and FAA FFS Level D control loading and visual system. EASA … Description . This visual display is a key feature as it gives the pilot a strong suggestion of movement. Lieferung an Abholstation. SKY4u Aviation training Service is based in Berlin, Germany. (Andrew) Initially we’ll be releasing the A320-X, which will serve as the base package for our Flight Sim Labs A320 series. Tauchen Sie selbst als Pilot für einen Tag in die Welt des Fliegens ein! For inquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to call us +852 5801 6677, Prescreen pilot candidates with Pre-COMPASS, Provide dramatically lower flight simulator expenses for Airlines, Aviation schools/FTO’s and TRTO’s. … We provide a highly realistic, non-certified, fixed-base flight simulator, and this enables us to offer affordable training possibilities for any professional pilot. Operational cost savings are also achieved because of the modular design and the remote software management. Commercial of the shelf flight simulator package (FSX) implementing the basic flight aerodynamics and scenery visuals. Get a Fixed-Base Procedural Trainer that feels like a FFS! Schweizer 300C. Wright Brothers Flight Technology was founded to meet the global requirement for effective low-cost flight simulation products and dynamic airport demo systems. Full Flight Simulator time is almost ten times as expensive as the equivalent time on the MPS A320 simulator. Go. The MPL system focuses heavily on simulator experience. Reaction times for the display are nearly ten times that required by the QTG(Qualification Test Guide). Our simulators. The MPS A320 FBS/FTD is an exact reproduction of the Airbus 320 Aircraft. A full suite of failure sets allows all Normal, Abnormal and Emergency procedures to run as they would in the A320 aircraft. 28908.. FROM THE ARCHIVE. EASA FNPT / FAA FTD Level 5. en-1000 (SEP / MEP) en-4000 (SEP / MEP / JET) A32 / Twin Jet A11 / B200GT A11 / C90GTi A11 / B350GT A18 / Piaggio Avanti A02 / TB20 A01 / Piper Seneca PA-34. Fully flyable with fly-by-wire system. Kostenloser Versand. Ein Cockpit entsteht: Die Idee. Use ”AIRLINEPILOT” as voucher code when booking for a 20% discount from the base price, and bring your Aviation Authority License as proof. Buy It Now +$27.12 shipping. The MPS Airbus A320 FBS can be used for the majority of the simulator hours required for Multi-crew pilot license (MPL). The Airbus simulator has full glass cockpit, dual MCDU and FCU / EFIS. Size: c. 3.5m (width) x 2.1m (length) x 2.15m (height). Do you dream of owning your own Flight Simulator as a Business or as a Hobby? These full motion A320 flight simulators are truly as close to flying the real aircraft a non airline pilot can possibly get, one look at the statistics is enough to see why our prices are phenomenally cheap starting at just £499.00 for an hour (The cheapest proper full motion flight simulator price in Europe). Lower cost for A320 simulator purchase and operating costs. Immerse in the simulation which real pilots are familiar with. The high level of synchronization between control loading on the A320 simulator and the visual display give the training pilot the highest possible level of realism and provide an A320 training platform of the highest levels. Please do not hesitate to contact us: A320Prague & Zurich 45,000 € (excl. Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich. A320 Simulator training with Aviation Insider Aviation Insider was developed out of a need for good, honest and reasonably priced career preparation. +852 5801 6677. B787. EUR 5,25. Dazu fehlen die technischen und qualitativen Vorrausetzungen. The operation cost is substantially lower as there is no motion platform that needs to be maintained. Airbus A320 Type Rating: The MPS A320 FTD can be used for the 50% of the required simulator hours to achieve the Airbus A320 type rating. A320 Fixed Base Flight Simulator aviate 2019-06-08T07:00:49+01:00. From Australia. It functions with only one external computer and can be connected easily with only 4 cables ! VAT) Type: Fixed Base, non-certified. Bisher: EUR 59,99. MPS Airbus A320 use in pilot certification systemsThe MPS Airbus A320 FBS simulator has been developed to be used in the widest possible range of pilot training / pilot certification systems. We are not only a network of aviation related companies, groups and individuals, we are innovators in aviation. Download Specification Sheet. Neuerdings werden sogenannte Fixed-base-Simulatoren, die unbeweglich am Boden stehen, immer populärer. About simulator.

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