How exactly we Went from Best Friends to Girlfriends

How exactly we Went from Best Friends to Girlfriends

Meet Taylor and Taylor.

Taylor Strecker, the host of SiriusXM’s “Wake Up With Taylor, ” does not frequently mince terms. In reality, it is type of her work become bold, brash, and merely a little bit of an over-sharer.

However when she unexpectedly fell so in love with her best woman that is friend—a, incidentally, is termed Taylor—following her divorce proceedings from her spouse of nearly 5 years, she discovered by herself unexpectedly tongue-tied.

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“I think my market could inform that we was not sharing my entire life with them for a time, which can be the things I’m likely to do, and additionally they had been surely salty over that, ” Strecker tells “But I have actually always identified as directly, my entire life. I have never ever been interested in girls, duration. End of story. ”

Except it is only the start of this story—one that made Strecker question everything she thought she knew about by herself, and in the end led her to very publicly turn out about her brand new relationship regarding the atmosphere with what she claims had been “the absolute scariest moment” of her life.

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It had beenn’t Love to start with Sight The two ladies first came across 2 yrs ago whenever Taylor Donohue had been being employed as a videographer for a friend that is mutual. I was super annoyed, which is ridiculous and embarrassing, but it’s the truth“ I remember thinking, ‘Ugh, she’s six feet tall and blond and beautiful, so clearly thinks she’s hot shit and all the guys here are going to kiss her ass all day. ’” says Stecker. “So. Then when I discovered her title can also be Taylor, we felt more irritated.

But, Strecker claims, she was additionally interested in a videographer that is new help you together with her weblog. “As I became viewing her shoot, I happened to be like, ‘Shit, she’s really good, ’” she states, laughing. “Once we began working together, we really clicked straight away as buddies, and began spending lots of time together. ”

“When i consequently found out her title can be Taylor, we felt a lot more frustrated. “

Strecker had been nevertheless hitched to her ex-husband at that right time, and she claims that for some time she had no clue that Donohue was a lesbian—until she tried to set her up with a guy and things got only a little awkward. “I felt as an asshole. ” Strecker claims.

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That we live in a culture where I can meet all the new friends I want and never have to identify my sexuality, but you have to have that conversation with literally every new person who enters your life if you don’t want them to make the wrong assumptions, ” Strecker says“ I remember telling her it’s so crazy. “What an obligation this is certainly. ”

Becoming significantly More Than Friends at that moment, Strecker says her marriage was year that is“a being entirely crumbling. ” They’d tried partners therapy, and had been great at wearing a delighted front side whenever these were along with other people, but had been “hanging on by way of a thread. ” By the pair had separated and begun divorce proceedings february. Strecker began sticking to Donohue and her sis, crashing on the settee regularly.

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“They had been actually like my children through the divorce proceedings, ” she states. “They became the individuals I invested probably the most time with. I was kept by them sane. They aided me find my new apartment and fill down most of the documents. We actually became close friends. ”

The 2 ladies began striking the city together; Strecker flirted with males while Donohue centered on ladies. “But then one evening that springtime, while we were away at a club we constantly decided to go to, this girl came over and kissed her while I became sitting right next to her, and I felt insanely jealous, ” claims Strecker. “I’d seen her kiss other girls before, and so I had been like, ‘what exactly is taking place? Why am I jealous? I recently like her as friend, what exactly’s my problem? ’”

“This woman came over imperative hyperlink and kissed her her, and we felt insanely jealous. While I became sitting right next to”

“I didn’t state any such thing to anybody because I was really freaked out by it, ” Strecker says about it for a while. “ we thought perhaps I happened to be just confused through the breakup, or possibly I became simply lonely. But we additionally felt like perhaps i simply wished to experiment and start to become free, and I also recognized i did so really sorts of like to kiss her. In order to see what that could feel just like. Therefore I finally worked within the courage to express one thing to her. ”

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Strecker confessed to Donohue that she might be developing a crush on her behalf. But Donohue wasn’t having it.